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Will warfarin kill a skunk? There are no studies to demonstrate whether warfarin will kill a skunk. In fact, there are no approved skunk poisons on the market. Warfarin is strictly for use in rats and mice. One of the major dilemmas with using this toxin, aside from the fact it’s a horrible way to kill anything, is that it doesn’t have a very pleasant taste. It’s difficult to even get rats to eat it, and rats eat just about anything. Skunks are opportunistic feeders, but their diet consists mainly of bugs. A block of warfarin won’t be alluring to the skunk if there are a million other things around it would rather eat. Another issue with warfarin is that it could potentially screw up an entire ecosystem. Imagine what would happen if a skunk that was poisoned died out in the forest. Birds are the primary predator of this animal, and birds have been known to have soft-shelled eggs after exposure to certain man-made chemicals. When it comes to skunks, and any pest animal larger than an insect, poisoning isn’t the best option. Most of these animals can be trapped and then removed from the property.

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