Can you do the skunk job yourself?

Will skunks leave on their own? Probably not. There are two kinds of skunks that become nuisance animals; there are skunks that live in the woods and venture into the yard to dig up bugs and eat garbage, and there are skunks that come into the yard, sneak under the deck, and make a house under the building. Either way, your property is providing something the skunk likes, and as long as this continues you will have a skunk issue. For the skunk that is just a visitor in the yard, you can start remedying the situation by making some basic changes to your landscape. Tall grass will hold in moisture and promote a habitat for insects. Skunks eat insects, and this is why the striped mammal is coming into your yard and digging up the soil. These skunks will also raid garbage, sneak into gardens, and bother compost piles. You need to look at all the food sources in your yard and try to eliminate them. The skunk that is living under your deck or house is getting food AND shelter. Fixing the yard wont’ keep this skunk away. You need to have this animal trapped and removed before it becomes a problem. Go back to the How To Get Rid of Skunks home page.

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