How to Kill a Skunk

In certain areas, killing skunks are illegal. If it’s illegal in your area, then might as well just trap them up and relocate them. But most people like to shoot them and just throw them away, but killing a skunk is never the best way because the body of the skunk stinks like hell. So it is your choice if you want to kill them or just relocate them. There is no way that you can kill a skunk without it spraying you.

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Shooting Skunks
Shooting skunks almost causes them to spray. So shooting is not recommended if you don’t want to smell the horrible odor of the skunk. And lethal trapping is a method to reduce the number of skunks but are only available and legal during November and December. Shooting is one of the simplest ways to kill skunks. Any type of gun can be used by killing animals. If you shot the skunk’s tail, then it might prevent it from spraying. You can shoot the skunk anywhere but it is better if you trapped the skunk alive.

Lethal gassing of skunk burrows can be used in some states like California. But gassing skunks near houses and buildings may get people and your pets to risk.

Those who are desperate to get rid of skunks are definitely in to this. But poisoning is not legal. The use of poison is very inhumane and is very painful for animals. And if you did not dispose it properly there are tendencies that cats and other rodents may eat the flesh and the poison might kill those animals too. So be very careful about it. There are many disadvantages if you’re looking at it. Poisoning has many risks to take. The poison may not be eaten or taken by the skunk. There are many cases like these, that a child from the neighborhood took the poison, your pet dog or cat may ate it as it looks like food. Or the poison didn’t intended to poison the skunk but instead the skunk has a resistance for the poison.

Traps can also cause death to skunks. There are traps that are designed to kill rodents and other wild animals. It is safer to choose the right bait to attract skunks and the right skunk trap. Select the best skunk trap to avoid killing them. Select also the best bait to attract and trap skunks. Skunks will mostly eat anything so any food and bait will attract them. There are different kinds of baits that can be used, but if you don’t want to buy any bait just use your leftover fruits or vegetables. These will help you attract the skunk and trap them easily. Fruits and vegetables will likely to attract skunks and no other pests, insects or rodents. That is why your leftovers will help you attract and trap those skunks. But a little problem with fruits and vegetables as a bait is that skunks may not smell it because it doesn’t have s strong smell that skunk may easily smell.

There are people who don’t want to shoot the alive skunk being trapped, main reasons for this is because shooting might startle your neighborhood and if you are near the city shooting skunks is illegal. And if they cannot shoot the skunks, preferably they will drown it and throw anywhere. Choose a bait to use to attract the skunk, but be sure that your trap will work. After trapping the skunk, put the skunk trap in a body of water and wait until the skunk doesn’t move anymore. This method will totally kill the skunk and be careful not to be sprayed while you are transporting it.

Lethal Control Disadvantage
People will find any possible way just to get rid away skunks. Having skunks around can surely be annoying. To stay away from the range of spraying, the person will later kill the animal by injecting an acetone, a nail polish remover using a long pole syringe. And later on, the skunk will die.

But all in all live trapping is the best way to eliminate skunks, don’t be a killer. Have mercy on those animals and just relocate them. Trapping using baits and repellents are the best ways to handle skunks other than killing them and just throwing them elsewhere. Killing animals and poisoning them are bad and illegal. Treat animals as humans. And don’t do inhumane things to them. There are many ways to drive them away except for killing them. Just call experts and get the skunks for you and they will have to relocate them.

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